About Kyeyo World

What is Kyeyo World (KW)?

Over the years there has been a huge immigration of Africans from all walks of life to places all over the world.  Some of us leave as children, others as political or economical asylum seekers, all with a goal of making a better life for ourselves and our families. For most of us then begins the journey between these two different cultures.  As we continue to learn about this new home we create a new world which is neither fully foreign nor African, this world is KYEYO WORLD. The people in this world understand that we are different in the sense that we have different ideas that have been informed by the merging of the different experiences that we may share both individually and as a community.
In this world there may be a few rules that are already set but it is in the nature of the people of kyeyo to match to their own beat, have their own goals and in essence make their own rules.  We may have come from different backgrounds to get  to where we are currently but right now we live in this world and we are made better by sharing the ideas, aspirations and goals and we need to rely on each other  for support and encouragement to achieve all of these and more.

How does Kyeyo World make our lives better?

We have needs and requirements that only we understand, there are time constraints that only a resident of Kyeyo can appreciate, because of all of these things we handle and see things much more differently from the people we left back home.  It is in understanding this that Kyeyo World.com, will have different recommendations for people seeking services ranging from a place to talk , to those seeking consultancy on construction of property.   It in essence acts as a directory of services and service providers.
Another big need that this website provides is a place for us as Africans not resident in the land is to keep us informed of the different things happening back home.   We have the paper doing this but we do appreciate the fact that some news may have more of an impact than others on us as residents of Kyeyo World.
We provide an interactive bulletin board on which anybody can share an opinion on a given topic or simply log on to talk to other Ugandans.

Why Kyeyo World.com?

Because no one understands our world like we do, the joys, the grief, challenges and triumphs are uniquely our own, so we need a world that is uniquely ours.
Because the way we do things changes when we leave our borders, heck it must change if we are to survive out here.   Kyeyo World.com, give us the tools to manage these changes and create a productive new home.
Because every day we welcome new entrants into our world, and however long you have lived in this world there are times when you feel like you just stepped off the plane, and still need a hand to guide you, even for a little while, log onto KyeyoWorld.com, you may just find it.

Because there are thousands of us at least one will have the answer you want, will be the ear you need to listen, will be the voice that puts an end to your bored rut.
Because at the end of the day we are sum of all the experiences that have led us here and however long we stay away our home remains, a serious love of ours.  Only Kyeyo understands that we can live in two worlds and dwell in one and for us for whom this is true Welcome to our World.

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